Live 80's Tribute Band

Looking for a great 80's tribute band?

Influenced by the fashions, culture, and sounds of the period, as Candy and the 80's Sound we perform music that speaks to audiences across the musical spectrum and like the acts of the time, make use of synthesizers,  sequencers and digital instruments to fill out the sound, easily replicating the sounds of the big acts of the 80's with multiple musicians through the effective use of technology.


Our Candy and the 80's Sound signature style continues to be synonymous with a broad range of melodies and compositions and we play everything from Depeche Mode, through Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran right up to the Jam , Madness and Bon Jovi 

If you're looking for a great 80's themed night, get in touch today cos we're booking fast.

Candy and the 80's Sound - 1980's tribute band 

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